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21+ years
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Up to $35 million

I would highly recommend that any credit union currently offering auto loans to consider offering GAP (Guarantee Asset Protection) to your membership.  We tried GAP about 20 years ago and didn't see that it provided that much of a benefit to our members.   We re-introduced GAP with Frost Financial 3 years ago because we saw a trend of insurance companies not paying off loans when the auto was totalled.  We were basically left with unsecured loans which not only put us at risk of loss but also because the remaining obligation was there it kept the member from eligibility for a new loan due to debt/income ratios.   Our membership has seen the benefits of adding GAP to their loans and while we do less than 100 auto loans a year, more than half of our members decide to add GAP!   Earlier this year we added Audo Advantage (free to members but a thank you for adding GAP) and continue to see much success. 


What I like about Frost Financial is their promotional products are easy to explain the benefits to the member, their online system is very user friendly, tracking is easy and they provide an online chat that allows you to ask questions and get answers quickly.  Our representative knows the product, benefits of the product and can suggest ways to discuss with your member.   We are very pleased with this vendor relationship.  It benefits our membership and it helps increase our fee income!