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Customer Service
Strategic Impact
Years as an end user: 
5+ years
Years of work experience: 
21+ years
Years at current organization: 
5+ years
Seniority level: 
Primary job function: 
Asset size: 
$51-$150 million

I have been using Ascensus for IRA/HSA administration for over 30 years. They are constantly moving forward with ways to streamline the reporting and are a great asset if you need to call for some help. They have never steered me wrong and have definitely saved me from making some big mistakes. If you want an affordable way to offer IRA &/or HSA accounts, this is definitely the way to go. Although it would be great to have on board a staff person to do this all from A-Z and possibly save some expense, the risk is too high relying on just one person to do it all and we still are not big enough to need multiple staff members dedicated to do just IRAs and HSAs. Compliance with these programs is essential and the risk too great to try and have it all covered by one person. By partnering with Ascensus, we don't have to worry about someone being sick, on vacatio or leaving for another position. Ascensus makes sure we are never left in the lurch!