Overpromised and under delivered

Customer Service
Strategic Impact
Years as an end user: 
Less than a year
Years of work experience: 
5-10 years
Years at current organization: 
5+ years
Seniority level: 
Primary job function: 
Operations and Branch Operations
Asset size: 
$151-$500 million

ASI sounded great they promised they would take care of everything with the conversion from NCUA. Although they took care of the cost, which was a huge part, they also expressed they would take care of things without much of our help. Members of ASI relied heavily on our  staff to do the majority of the work. ASI also kept going back and forth on several items which led to confussion and frustration amung many of our upper level staff members. The entire process was unorganized and felt like it was the first time they had completed a conversion. Getting away from the NCUA was a huge positive but the time and effort it took to complete the conversion was way more than told to us by ASI. Use caution in what ASI is selling you on and know that it will be more work, time and effort from your staff then they claim.