Leave A Penny, Take A Penny

We live in world where technology gives us the luxury of sharing information like never before. The "social network" world connects people with like minds, experiences, and interest to share their stories and learn from one another. Diligence does just that in the financial services world. Want to know how a possible business partner measures up to their sales pitch promises, supports its clients in the long run, provides support and innovation, translates cost into value for customers, and more? It's all right here in Diligence.

And when people collaborate, they make amazing things. When people collaborate, the value they create increases exponentially. Which is why the only thing needed to unlock your access to Diligence is simply to leave a review of a business partner that you have experience working with. The "leave a penny, take a penny" concept. Take a few minutes to leave a review (or many!) of a business partner that you have experience with.

By leaving a review, not only do you increase the information from which to make important decisions, but you're also helping others. You're providing critical insights for others to add to their thoughts and evaluations.

For more about the technical details (that lawyer stuff) about participating in Diligence, check out the complete Terms and Conditions.

Get started by clicking the "Reviews" link to the upper right of your screen. Upon completing and submitting the review, it will be reviewed and verified by our staff. We do this to ensure the content of Diligence only reflects honest reviews by those who this site serves, and not populated with distorted information that sacrifices the credibility of Diligence. We take this very seriously, which is why it might take a little bit for us to review your review. Once we do, you'll receive an e-mail notifying you that complete access to Diligence's reviews has been unlocked for you.